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YELHY HIMO offers a turnkey installation in several steps:




Technology transfer


YELHY HIMO starts the construction of the workshop, the size and equipment of which varies depending on the needs expressed by each state, as well as additional infrastructure: a hall for theoretical training of future workers, bedrooms for foreign employees, a kitchen and a dining room accessible to all employees, as well as a first-aid post.


Upon completion of the workshop construction, the city council that is the project’s partner conducts mass recruitment of young people who will complete theoretical and practical training provided by the YELHY TECHNOLOGY AFRICA team, namely, slab production and laying, application of materials, equipment and tools, safety rules etc. They may practice during the training under professional support of the YELHY TECHNOLOGY AFRICA technical managers.

Technology transfer

YELHY TECHNOLOGY AFRICA team stays in the field with new local teams until they become independent. When the goal of independence is achieved, YELHY TECHNOLOGY AFRICA will pass this task to local teams that, finally, are able to continue the HIMO programme on their own.

Example of the HIMO workshop in Dakar

The Paving Slab Production Workshop in Dakar is undoubtedly a modern factory, as it:

Modern technologies

Is equipped with the necessary equipment for delivering high-quality products. One 8-hour shift produces up to 1,200 sq. m of pavement slabs and 500 m of road curbs and

Quality equipment

Comprises 10 production lines from a concrete mixer to a drying chamber and a jolting table


Allows the creation of several hundred jobs for the young Senegalese

This African pearl is undoubtedly an example of:

Development and enhancement of high-intensity labour

Effective combating of unemployment among young people and poverty

South-South Partnership (southern countries for southern countries)


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